Our Growth

Future, Present, Past


 Mark & Kristen Pavao are the newest owners of the Black Bear Coffee Co.  Mark has been a Pastry Chef for the past twenty-two years, working for some of the top restaurants, hotels, and country clubs all around the country.  Kristen is a School Psychologist  and serves three Henderson County schools, including Hendersonville High School.  They have four children Noah, Ethan, Eleanor, and Olivia.   Together they have a great vision for the Bear's future.  With plans of a full building renovation with help from the Hands On Children's Museum, Black Bear hopes for a bakery kitchen to provide the community with high quality artesian baked goods, comfortable open seating, and that great local coffee house feel.


 As the Black Bear entered adulthood, it secured an ABC permit, which allowed it to serve specialty wines and locally crafted brews on tap.


The Black Bear continued to grow into its adolescence when the space was increased by 30%!  This allowed the Black Bear to provide the community with evening entertainment. 


As time went on, more and more people came to feed the Black Bear.  A light breakfast & lunch menu was created and paired to go along with the locally roasted coffee.


The Black Bear Coffee Company first opened by Scott & Betsy Field on November 15, 1993.  Scott was trained by Starbucks when it was just a Seattle Coffee House.  Just a cub of a coffee house, Hendersonville, NC quickly fell in love with it.